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How To Increase Youtube Views

YouTube videos can be a great way to advertise new products, include affiliate links and share content. In fact, there are many people who make a lot of money using YouTube videos. However, this is only possible when you have high video traffic (visitors viewing and liking your YouTube videos). Without views, your videos are as good as those saved in your local disk and will fetch you no profit. There are various simple things you can do to increase your YouTube views. Attracting more visitors to watch, like and share your videos should not be an overwhelming task, but it requires creativity and insight. Here are a few tips to help you out:

Create attractive titles

Titles are very important when creating YouTube videos not only for optimization, but also for the purposes of appealing to many people. Of course it is very important to think about SEO and keywords so as to attract the right niche and appear on the first page of results both on Google and YouTube search. However, you should keep your title interesting and attractive like a news bulletin. It should be simple, clear and precise detailing what the viewers will find when they watch it. Add attractive wordings like “amazing”, “inspiring”, “interesting”, “surprising”, “easy”, “quick”, “discover”, and “debunking” among others. Make sure the title sounds interesting and intriguing enough.

Create awesome video thumbnails

YouTube thumbnails are very important as they are the small screens that show up when users perform a search. Some people simply forget the importance of thumbnails and present a blank screen with a title. If you do not add your custom thumbnail, YouTube will automatically place one for you, usually the first presentations of the video which could be something non-attractive. Obviously, intriguing thumbnails will force people to click on the videos so you should spend time in designing an appealing one. You can learn how to download YouTube thumbnail and use it to create your own customized thumbnails that are not only attractive, but also depict some of the great scenes inside the video.

Click here to download thumbnails

Post your videos on social media like Facebook

A great way to increase your YouTube views is to post on social media. The technique is simple and easy to grasp. The more people able to access your video, the more views you can expect. Posting on social media like Facebook will make your videos available to all your friends. When some of them like the video, their friends get notified of this like and can also follow the link to see that video. If they share it, it goes to their timeline where all their friends can see. Social media therefore offers a big opportunity to attract more traffic. It is important to include links to your YouTube channel or video especially since posting the clip separately will give you Facebook views and not YouTube. One trick you can use is to create a short trailer version with the option to watch the full video on YouTube. You can also post links on Twitter, Printest, Instagram, Linked In, Google + and all other social platforms you use. In fact, you should post them on all online platforms.

Take advantage of channels, blogs and other people’s videos

If you want to attract more views, you must create a video channel. This gives you credibility and offers a window where viewers can see all your videos. When they watch one, they get suggestions of your other clips and spend more time in your channel. Creating a YouTube channel is relatively easy and makes organization quite effortless. Another important thing is to constantly read through blogs and watch other people’s videos within the niche you are posting your clips. After reading or watching, carefully come up with a comment with the link to your videos integrated within. When you make clever comments in blogs, forums and other people’s videos, you improve the chances of stealing some of their traffic. Make lots of comments every opportunity you get.


There are many other tips you can use to boost your video traffic. Simple things like using annotations, creating a playlist, subscribing to other people’s channels and asking them to subscribe to yours, like or share your videos are all available means to increase video traffic. However, you should be very cautious not to irritate and bother your viewers. More importantly, create outstanding videos that can create unforgettable impression that leads users back to your channel.